Student Policies

  1. $45 registration fee and a $25 access card fee for all new students.

  2. All students must pay in advance for a month of lesson by by personal checking account draft (ACH) on either the 1st or 15th of the month. 

  3. No make-up lessons are scheduled for student cancellations (including school and/or family trips).

  4. Teachers will make up any lesson that they have to cancel at a mutually convenient time.

  5. Contact your teacher if there is inclement weather to see if a lesson will be taught as the Music Academy often remains open.

  6. All books and materials must be brought to the lesson each week. Students who come without books or instruments cannot be taught.

  7. There is a One-Month required notice for discontinuing lessons. The final bill will include tuition for the one-month notice.

  8. The Music Academy has the right to use student’s names and photographs in promotional and educational materials unless we receive, in writing, a statement to the contrary.

  9. The acceptance of these policies is confirmed by the payment of tuition.